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Magnetic Microscope

Young Kim and Igor Savukov at Los Alamos National Labs demonstrate a new room temperature magnetic microscope. They used QZFM as the sensor element and a ferrite flux guide to transport magnetic field from a tiny test object to the sensor. In their experimental work, the authors used a 0.75 mm coil as the test… Read more »

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Fetal MCG: Simultaneous measurements with SQUID and OPMs

Hari Eswaran and coworkers at the University of Arkansas published results from a head-on comparison between fetal Magnetocardiography recordings made with a SQUID system (CTF, 151 sensor SARA) and an OPM system (QuSpin, 2 sensors). The authors conclude: “Our preliminary results indicate that OPMs are potentially capable of replacing SQUIDs for fMCG systems. With further studies, we… Read more »

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First experimental prototypes from 2013

The picture above shows one our very early OPM prototypes (made back in Dec. 2012) which helped convince ourselves (and NIH) the feasibility of building practical, non-cryogenic sensors to potentially replace the SQUIDs. The prototypes were fragile and needed fiber-coupled external high power lasers and complex laboratory electronics, but the performance was very good even in the… Read more »

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