MEG Cap 1.0

  • Built for QZFM Gen-2 OPMs
  • ANT 64Ch Waveguard layout
  • Semi-rigid construction
  • Custom sizes available

Price: $950
Leadtime: few weeks; email

MEG Cap 1.0’s main purpose is to enable initial exploratory experiments with OPM-MEG system. A more advanced version of the cap that enables sensor co-registration is still under development.
Note: With MEG cap 1.0, sensor movement is a major concern. To obtain good data, it is essential to null residual fields inside the MSR as much as possible (< 1 nT) and strain relieve the sensor cables over the back. Please see the related links section for more information on field nulling.

Contact us if you are interested in building your own cap or if you have new ideas. The CAD files for the holder can be found here (Holder Top, Holder Base), and email us if you are simply looking for standalone sensor holders.

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