New Triaxial QZFM

Our current Gen-2 QZFM can sense y and z components of the magnetic field but not x. Because many applications can greatly benefit from a sensor that can detect all three components, we have developed a new triaxial variant.

The triaxial variant has the same size, weight, power, and cost as the standard variant. The only sacrifice that is made is that the sensitivity of the triaxial variant is slightly lower (<30 fT/√Hz in x, y, and z with triax vs. <10 fT/√Hz in y or z alone in standard).

The triaxial sensor has high stability in the sub-Hz frequency range and low orthogonality error (<3 degrees) making it ideal for use as a reference sensor for MEG. The triaxial variant is also perfect for MCG and numerous other applications.

(Adult MCG) The three orthogonal magnetic field components measured using a single triaxial sensor.

Deliveries expected to begin in the May-June timeframe.