Carbon Fiber Packaging for QTFM

A carbon fiber case for the sensor is available as an optional add-on for applications that require extra protection and robustness. The CF packaging option is offered for:

  1. QTFM Gen-2 sensor head and Electronics Controller (ECU)
  2. Standard Comms Board (SCB)
  3. Advanced Comms Board (ACB)
  4. Ethernet adapter for extended cable lengths (currently under development)
  5. Five-hour custom battery pack (currently under development


Technical Specifications
1. Sensor CF Housing  (QTFM-CF)               Price: +$1.5k
This QTFM-CF casing accommodates the QTFM Gen-2 sensor head, electronics, and extension cable mounted on a sled for easy insertion or removal from the case. The LED on the ECU is visible from outside the CF casing.

2. Standard Comms Board CF Housing (SCB-CF)             Price: Included with QTFM-CF

3. Advanced Comms Board (ACB-CF)         Price:+$500  [also needs QTFM-CF]