QZFM Gen-2 (Update)

The second generation QZFM sensor (Gen-2) is finally ready for release. In this upgrade, we focussed on mainly two things: (i) reducing the size and weight of the sensor, and (ii) improving manufacturability to support faster production speeds. Along the way, we squeezed out a little more sensitivity and extended the sensor tolerance to background magnetic fields from 50 nT to 200 nT. All other technical specifications of Gen-2 are similar or slightly improved over Gen-1.

For now, the Gen-2 sensor is backward compatible with Gen-1 electronics. We are currently working on a more compact version of the electronics controller (to be released in 2019) which will greatly simplify setup and installation for future high channel count systems.

QZFM Gen-2 (second generation sensor)

The driving force behind Gen-2 design was the desire to help move MEG form factor closer to EEG. It was hard to imagine a sleek and comfortable MEG helmet could be designed using Gen-1 QZFM, which is why we worked really hard to develop Gen-2.

Gen-2 sensors in an off-the-shelf EEG cap.


The table below provides a quick comparison between Gen-1 and Gen-2.

Metric Gen-1 Gen-2
Sensitivity 15 fT/√Hz 7-10 fT/√Hz
Bandwidth 135 Hz 135 Hz
Max background 50 nT 200 nT
Standoff 6.0 mm 6.5 mm
Size (sensor) 13.0×19.0x110 mm 12.4×16.6×24.4 mm
Weight (sensor) 20 g 4 g
Cable Weight 10 g/ft 1 g/ft
Surface Temp. ∼45 °C ∼41 °C

*Note: The metrics listed above are anticiapted and not Gen-2 specifications.