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Robust, Lightweight Carbon Fiber Packaging for QTFM Gen-2

QTFM stands as one of the most sensitive and compact scalar atomic magnetometers available today. Many QTFM applications also need compact, robust, and lightweight packaging for deployment, especially on mobile platforms like UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and UUVs (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles). To meet these requirements, we have developed a carbon fiber-based solution (add-on) that simplifies… Read more »

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QTFM Gen-2: A quantum leap for magnetic anomaly detection

Our second-generation QTFM sensor is now ready! The G2 has been redesigned from the ground up to enable advanced magnetometry applications requiring uncompromising sensitivity in a rugged, small, low-power package. The design choices for G2 focussed on magnetometer integration on compact unmanned aerial and underwater platforms (drones). A photo of the QTFM Gen-2 sensor head… Read more »

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DiGioia Gray has launched it’s abandoned oil well seeking machine, WELLSCOUT!  WELLSCOUT is a UAV equipped with QuSpin’s QTFM scalar magnetometer. This Aeromagnetic drone can find metallic waste and conduct environmental surveys with incredible efficiency. Check it out. DiGioia Gray Team: Andrew Zorn , Erich V. Zorn

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