Advanced Comms Board

Advanced comms board 2.0: (a) ACB2 with Bluetooth and GPS, (b) just ACB2 with logger (c) Bluetooth Receiver, (d) GPS module.

The Advanced Comms Board (ACB) was created to facilitate the integration of QTFM sensors onto a wide range of mobile platforms, including UAVs and UUVs. With its lightweight design and ready-made features, the ACB offers a practical solution to fast-track data logging and fusion. The latest ACB version (ACB 2.0) is compatible with both QTFM Gen-1 and Gen-2 sensors (A and B variants).

Key Features

The ACB 2.0 comes equipped with a built-in data logger, GPS receiver with 1 PPS, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and an easily accessible input for external power. Lightweight (~ 23 g), compact (1.85cm x 1.2cm x 10.8cm), and low-power (~1.5 Watts )

  • Transfer data to the PC with a USB cable
  • Access to Mag Data Pulse (MDP) and 1-PPS for timestamps
  • Easy connectivity to external battery/power supply (+3.3 to +5.5V)
  • Hot-swap external batteries with USB power for holdover
  • Sync-in/out for sensor arrays
  • Open .CSV file format (standard, geospatial, or flat configurations)

File Saving

Saving files is easy, as it can be triggered by a button press or through sending a wireless command with a phone over Bluetooth. Once files are saved, they can be downloaded over USB and are stored in an open-source .CSV format. A free software tool is also available for importing saved files, converting file formats, and correcting heading errors.


  • a built-in data logger based on Teensy 4.1 (preprogrammed to log GPS and QTFM data)
  • a 32GB SD card for data storage
  • a GPS module
  • a Bluetooth adapter (compatible with PC, Android, and iPhone)


User Guide