Advanced Comms Board

Advanced comms board 2.0: (a) ACB2 with logger (b) Bluetooth Receiver, (c) GPS module, (d) ACB2 with Bluetooth and GPS

The Advanced Comms Board (ACB) was created to facilitate the integration of QTFM sensors onto a wide range of mobile platforms, including UAVs and UUVs. With its lightweight design and ready-made features, the ACB offers a practical solution to fast-track data logging and fusion. The latest ACB version (ACB 2.0) is compatible with both QTFM Gen-1 and Gen-2 sensors (A and B variants).

Key Features

The ACB 2.0 comes equipped with a built-in data logger, GPS receiver with 1 PPS, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and an easily accessible input for external power. Lightweight (~ 23 g), compact (1.85cm x 1.2cm x 10.8cm), and low-power (~1.5 Watts )

  • Transfer data to the PC with a USB cable
  • Access to Mag Data Pulse (MDP) and 1-PPS for timestamps
  • Easy connectivity to external battery/power supply (+3.3 to +5.5V)
  • Hot-swap external batteries with USB power for holdover
  • Sync-in/out for sensor arrays
  • Open .CSV file format (standard, geospatial, or flat configurations)

File Saving

Saving files is easy, as it can be triggered by a button press or through sending a wireless command with a phone over Bluetooth. Once files are saved, they can be downloaded over USB and are stored in an open-source .CSV format. A free software tool is also available for importing saved files, converting file formats, and correcting heading errors.


  • a built-in data logger based on Teensy 4.1 (preprogrammed to log GPS and QTFM data)
  • a 32GB SD card for data storage
  • a GPS module
  • a Bluetooth adapter (compatible with PC, Android, and iPhone)


User Guide