The QuSpin Total-Field Magnetometer (QTFM) is a compact, high-sensitivity scalar magnetometer. It can operate in Earth’s field, is extremely accurate and can resolve very minute field changes. Our sensor is among the highest performing in the world. A compact, low-power package makes it ideal for use in a wide range of existing and emerging applications such as in magnetic observatories and aboard small, mobile platforms.

            →Compact, low-power, easy to use, extremely accurate.  

Technical Specifications:

Field Sensitivity: <1 pT/√Hz in 0.1-100 Hz band
Deadzone: single equatorial plane, ± 7 deg
Heading error: below 3 nT (uncompensated)
Dynamic Range: 1000 nT to 100000 nT
Power: 5V to 19V, 2 W total (sensor+electronics), 3W during startup
Operating temperature range: -30C to +60C
Calibration: none required
Outputs:  UART, USB
Dimensions: 19x19x47 mm (sensor)
Weight: 18 g (sensor)
Slew rate: 10000 nT/s
Max gradient: 100 nT/cm (ideal < 30 nT/cm)
Max data rate: 400 samples/s
Atomic species: Rubidium

Export Restrictions

QTFM is export controlled by the US Department of Commerce (ECCN: 6A006.a.2). QTFM can be shipped to most European countries, Japan, Australia, and South Korea without a license. Some key countries such as China, India, Russia are excluded and a license from the DOC is required before QTFM can be shipped to these countries.  A license approval can take over 8-12 weeks and requires detailed information on the end-user and end-use application.

A low-performance variant of the QTFM sensor (QTFM-B) with sensitivity worse than 20 pT/√Hz (ECCN: 6A996.a) is now available which can be shipped to nearly all countries without a license. The only operational difference between QTFM and QTFM-B is sensitivity.

Key Applications:

Geophysics, space, mineral and energy prospecting, unexploded ordnance detection, research

Pricing per sensor (USD):

Qty 1-3: $10,000
Qty 4-7: $8,500
Qty 8+: $8,000
Please call for pricing for larger volumes or potential OEM applications.

Magnetic power spectral density measured with two QTFMs placed outdoors

Two QTFMs separated by 1m: The subtracted signal gives the combined noise of both magnetometers plus any noise in the field gradient. Click image for a high-resolution view.

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